Thomas Petzinger Jr.

Thomas Petzinger Jr., Co-founder, President, CEO, Chairman

Tom serves as a director of all of the LaunchCyte companies and is executive vice president, Business Development and Public Affairs, Knopp Biosciences, a LaunchCyte portfolio company.

Babs Carryer

Babs Carryer

Babs is the director of Education and Outreach, at the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute.

Gregory T. Hebrank

Gregory T. Hebrank, MD, MBA

Greg is a co-founder and executive vice president, Corporate Operations, and Finance, Knopp Biosciences, a LaunchCyte portfolio company.

William Mitchell, JD, MBA

Bill is general counsel and vice president of Nova Chemicals, Inc.

Robert Unkovic

Rob is the President of BPU Investment Management, Inc., a Pennsylvania based wealth management firm.

Adam Verost

Adam Verost

Adam is a partner at Ducera Partners LLC in New York City.