Thomas Petzinger Jr, co-founder, president, CEO, chairman

Tom serves as a director of all of the LaunchCyte companies and is executive vice president, Business Development and Public Affairs, Knopp Biosciences, a LaunchCyte portfolio company.

Babs Carryer

Babs is director, Education and Outreach, at the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute.

Gregory T. Hebrank, MD, MBA

Greg is a co-founder and executive vice president, Corporate Operations and Finance, Knopp Biosciences, a LaunchCyte portfolio company.

William Mitchell, JD, MBA

Bill is general counsel and vice president of Nova Chemicals, Inc.

Robert Unkovic

Rob is the President of BPU Investment Management, Inc., a Pennsylvania based wealth management firm.

Adam Verost

Adam is partner at Ducera Partners LLC in New York City.

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